How ProLargeX Works

It’s Called Prolargex for a Reason!

Penis sizes, erect penis size, size of your erection, your penis when it’s fully extended… these are important issues for men.  Women who say “size not important to them” are rare or lying.

It’s clear that men that have a big penis, or a big erect penis, are more confident.  Satisfying women is something they know they can do when they need to do it. There are few things more embarrassing to a man than the failure to gain hold and impress a partner with the size and rigidity of his erection.  Not to mention that length of an erection can also affect the volume of semen at the moment of climax.

Like a lot of guys, you may be interested in taking a male enhancement supplement to help with your problem, but you’re skeptical because you are unsure of whether or not it works. We decided to give you a quick overview of what male enhancement pills are TRULY designed to do.

The idea behind Prolargex pills

It’s not altogether that complicated. The penis contains blood vessels and arteries, which require a fuller blood flow to course through filling them to become filled, hard and sturdy.

Please see diagram:

Prolargex should be taken as a daily supplement, the idea being that the active ingredients help support and promote the amount of blood flow whenever you have an erection.*

How Erections Work

The solution is to support an increased heart rate and to pump blood, more frequently and more intensely to flow into the penis. The penis muscle, called the Corpora Cavernosa (CP muscle for short), expands gradually and allows more blood to flow into the penis. To accomplish this, the tissues around those muscles must be relaxed. It can then, more easily and quickly, fill the chambers and allow for a sustained and longer erection. Consequently, the more blood flow to the penis then results in fuller, harder,  longer sustaining erections, heightened sexual desire, more semen during orgasm, and even more sensitive feeling during sex.*

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