Basically the only reason for trying The Start and Stop Method is to train yourself to last longer during sex. The beauty of this technique is that you can practice by yourself or with a partner. Here is how it works, there are 3 parts:

  1. Start fooling around until the point of no return, when ejaculation is almost unavoidable, and stop before you attain it. The idea is that you cultivate a better sense of your body’s arousal levels and learn to keep yourself from getting too close to orgasm.

  2. Repeatedly get close to the point of orgasm, then stop and wait a while before resuming. Ultimately you should discover that it takes you longer to achieve that point.

The crucial goal is to develop a better understanding of your arousal levels. Therefore, if you get too aroused during sex you can do something to slow it down, and last longer in bed.


Additional pointers:

If you may discover that you feel like ejaculating soon after you start up again after a rest, it may be for a couple of reasons such as:

  • Not resting long enough.

  • The semen has already started to flow.

You can correct this by waiting at least 30 to 60 seconds before resuming sex and by learning to stop a little bit earlier in your state of arousal. Your goal should be to last 15-20 minutes before ejaculating. It should be noted that the average time couples have intercourse for is around 5 to 6 minutes. So if you train yourself to last that long at a minimum you will be “average”. Some guys may be happy with 5-7 minutes because via foreplay and oral sex, they can make their partner have an orgasm long before 20 minutes. However, remember the goal is to last longer in bed, so keep working at your technique and practicing over time may halp you to accomplish your goal.


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