Tongkat Ali is a tall, slender evergreen shrub-tree commonly found in Southeast Asia. Malaysia. Its medicinal name is Eurycoma longifolia.  Interestingly this plant, currently in such high demand that it is considered a “protected” species, has a plethora of names including:


Akar Pasak Bumi

Ali's Umbrella

Ali's Walking Stick

Batang Pasak Bumi

Canne d'Ali


Eurycoma longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

Eurycoma merguensis

Ginseng de Malaisie

Kayu Dali

Long Jack


Malaysian Ginseng

Manotes Asiatica

Pasak Bumi

Picroxylon Siamese


Tongkat Ali

Tung Saw


Wonod Mondou


Malaysian men have claimed for generations that tea made from this plant improves their sexual function and virility. How does a plant have such potent powers? The root of Eurycoma longifolia contains a number of chemicals that affect the body. Some of these chemicals impact how the body produces the male-hormone called testosterone. Research in both animals and humans suggests Tongkat Ali may increase testosterone in the human body.


In addition, the root and bark of Eurycoma longifolia, or tongkat ali, are used for increasing libido, boosting athletic performance, body building, and reducing body fat. Taking a male enhancement pill formulated with tongkat ali will yield many health benefits for healthy males including a boost to libido, performance and energy.