Boredom should never come into your sexual vocabulary.  There are many ways to keep your sex life exciting, fresh and current. Here are some exotic ideas for love and bringing excitement back to your sex life. A quickie is kind of like an earthquake because it revs up your adrenaline, is over in a flash, and leaves you weak with lust and desire. Besides releasing pent-up desire, initiating a quickie sex routine can be a compliment to your date because it shows how deeply you desire her. Having sex in exciting locations doesn’t require an airplane ticket or even leaving the house! Consider this:


Movie Theater Foreplay:

Just don’t go opening night of a blockbuster movie. An lone corner in a dark nearly empty theater is the perfect place to fool around, act like teenagers and get in the mood.


Laundry Room Sex:

Your washer and dryer produce more motion than even a sex toy vibrator. When your butt's on the lid or the laundry room machines, the motion is transmitted through to your pelvis amping up the love vibrations.


Bank Deposit Sex:

It’s been suggested that a safe-deposit-box room is an appealing sexy spot for a quickie, after all the room is locked and quiet and there is no camera inside the room.


Dressing Room Sex:

Tell the saleswoman you want to see how the outfit looks on your girlfriend, what you end up doing in the locked dressing room is your business…just keep the volume down!


Under the Stars Sex:

Camping out at a national park under a starlit canopy is a romantic local for a night of lovemaking.  Pitch your tent on the far side of the camp grounds so there is little risk of waking your neighbors.


Freight Elevator Sex:

Generally speaking freight elevators don’t have alarms, so stopping it between floors will give you a bit of privacy. Next time you help your friends move into a new apartment, leave a bit of room between the boxes and sneak in some alone time between floors.


Office Sex:

If you work in a cubicle this may not work, but have an office with a door…hold the calls and get busy.


Let your imagination wander and think of other exciting locations that may be out of the ordinary, and add an element of excitement to your lovemaking.  Be considerate of your neighbors and keep it private and control the volume, but adding that little bit of naughtiness to your sexual activities may spice up the mood and keep things fresh.


Other mood lifters besides mixing things up are to:

  • Take a class together

  • Plan a dream getaway

  • Spend 30 minutes a day just talking

  • Take turns planning special dates

  • Go dancing

  • Do more activities together – cooking, working out, doing chores

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