About ProLargeX

Prolargex is that rare brand of potency and male enhancement pill that works and works well, the sensation is almost immediate.*

The ingredients collected in the Prolargex formula have been time tested in many other products, and used millions of times throughout Southeast Asia. Our federally inspected lab was finally able to procure the ingredients themselves, from places as far away as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  The manufacturing is of course current Good Manufacturing Procedure certified (cGMP), and the results are effective.*

[1]The active ingredient, Tongkat Ali, christened by the New Sunday Times as “Asian Viagra”, is designed to promote erectile hardening, lengthening, and make sex longer lasting.*

Prolargex is the climax of years of tinkering with rare ingredients and looking for just the right balanced formula. The company, Lab88 that manages the manufacture and distribution of Prolargex is one of the oldest and most reputable in the field of male enhancement.  The company based in NY State attests that all ingredients are fresh and offered exactly as stipulated on the bottle.

You can depend on Prolargex, it’s not called ProLargeX for nothing! Get BIG or get your money back!!!!

Prolargex is designed for men who are healthy enough for sex and sex enhancement supplements.

How Does Prolargex Penis Pill Work?

You should feel Prolargex working swiftly (generally between 20 – 60 minutes).*
Prolargex is intended to be taken as a daily supplement, which will build up in your body over time. Be prepared when the desirable mood strikes.

Improve your sexual performance with Prolargex.*

Prolargex Male Sex Pills - Recommended Use:

Take two capsules daily as a dietary supplement, with 8 ounces of water. DO NOT EXCEED TWO CAPSULES PER DAY. Each bottle contains 60 capsules. Order Toll Free: 1-888-566-5642.

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