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In developing Prolargex, Lab88 searched far and wide for an ingredient that can make your sexual performance outrageously uncontainable and make your erections burst in size and proportion.*
Lab88, formulators of the highest quality supplements including male enhancement since 2004, has finally completed a formulation that is backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Prolargex is made with Orchic, which is extract from bull testicles to help you with your erection issues.*
Prolargex is satisfaction guaranteed, and while it’s safe and effective for those healthy enough for sex, please see possible side effects and cautions.

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What makes Prolargex different than almost any other male enhancement pill is the perfect blend of ingredients, including powerful aphrodisiacs and special herbs from exotic locations around the globe. Feel the effects of Prolargex almost immediately, within the first hour of taking the male sex pills.* Take Prolargex, to enhance your performance, before sexual activity. Achieve maximum results by taking Prolargex as a daily supplement. With daily use, the proprietary blend of Prolargex ingredients builds up in your system, and is designed to help you to realize benefits of true manhood; erections that are harder, thicker, and more satisfying.*
Start off slowly with one pill a day; then increase to once in the morning and once later in the day.

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Put the excitement back into your sex life with Prolargex male enhancement pills. Make a diminished libido or decreased sexual performance a thing of the past with Prolargex male sex pills. Prolargex is a natural herbal supplement containing a unique blend of rare ingredients known to encourage and support male sexual enhancement, desire and performance. These well-chosen ingredients were selected because our formulators believe they will improve sexual performance, endurance and increase pleasure during sexual activity and intercourse.*

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There are many natural sexual enhancement pills available today, but Prolargex is different because it is backed with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Prolargex - Side Effects

Prolargex is a very strong and extremely potent male sex enhancement pill designed to rush blood to the penile area as well as other extremities. We recommend you read this and all supplement labels closely for cautions and warnings before use. Prolargex should not be taken by people with diabetes or those taking immunosuppressant drugs. Since Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone levels; men with cancer, heart, kidney or liver diseases or sleep apnea should consult their doctor.